Goodbye Altiris

over 16 years ago

I have been holding off on posting non-technical blog entries for quite a while. But I guess, leaving my job after 4+ years at -Altiris- Symantec, is reason enough to change this trend.

When I started at Altiris there were probably less than 400 people in the company, today there are 17000. Times have changed.

The thing I miss most about Altiris is the great friends I made. Working with a talented group of people is a very rewarding experience.

As for me, I will be working on my own projects at least until after my honeymoon.

Anyway, I wish the Altiris group lots of good luck.


Ofek over 16 years ago

Seems to me going freelance is something good to experience.

Zac over 16 years ago

We miss you 2…

Drfatal over 16 years ago

I worked for Veritas now Symantec and as of 11/12 they plan to do some layoff and I’m one of them…


Simon_Wallace over 16 years ago

Hehehe, another one sees the light.

Good luck Sam.

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