So, you have this .Net app in production.
Somewhere someone made some sort of mistake and it appears the CPU is pegged for large periods of time.

…and you ask yourself, how can I debug this:

  • There is no copy of Visual Studio installed.
  • There is a strict no-installer policy on these machines.
  • Performance is already messed up and you do not want to make stuff worse by diagnosing it.

To date the only answer I am aware of is magic voodoo art involving windbg and the sos extensions.

Sure you can run [process explorer]:frowning:Process Explorer - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn) and isolate the evil thread:


But … you have no idea how that thread relates to your .Net application or where that evil thread is running.

Enter my cpu-analyzer tool.

Here is a quick demo:

static void MakeBadStuffHappen() {
    ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(_ => { MisterEvil(); });

static void MisterEvil() {
    double d = double.MaxValue;
    while (true) {
        d = Math.Sqrt(d);
        if (d < 1.1) {
            d = double.MaxValue;

static void Main(string[] args) {
    Console.WriteLine("Hello world!");

static void MakeBadStuffHappen() {
    ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(_ => { MisterEvil(); });

static void MisterEvil() {
    double d = double.MaxValue;
    while (true) {
        d = Math.Sqrt(d);
        if (d < 1.1) {
            d = double.MaxValue;

static void Main(string[] args) {
    Console.WriteLine("Hello world!");

We run:

cpu-analyzer.exe evilapp
ThreadId: 4948
Kernel: 0 User: 89856576
... more lines omitted ...

Aha, the method called MisterEvil is responsible for 9 seconds in user mode.

Of course this trivial sample is kind of boring, but once you apply this tool to bigger and more complex applications it can be a life saver.

…and did I mention, no installer is required.

Update Source on GitHub GitHub - SamSaffron/cpu-analyzer


Eddy over 14 years ago

Very useful tool Sam thanks! Just gave it a spin, and it works a treat.

If you're making any updates, one small request: could you show the percentage of the sample time used by Kernel / User mode on each thread, e.g.

Kernel: 156250 (0.15%) User: 1718750 (1.7%)

(I find numbers with more than 6 digits or so hard to decipher at a glance.)

Sam Saffron over 14 years ago
Sam Saffron

Sure will do something similar in the next update.

Max almost 13 years ago

How would I use this to diagnose a problem with a website running on IIS 7?

This would be HUGE for me as I have a site with a random problem I cannot figure out!

Sam Saffron almost 13 years ago
Sam Saffron

well we usually attach it to w3wp or whatever the worker process is

Jake almost 13 years ago

This looks like a perfect simple utility. Thank you!

When I try to run this against our 64bit IIS7.5 worker process, it fails to attach to the process. This occurs even when I bring up my command prompt as Administrator.

Any ideas what could be wrong? I'd love to use this to debug some issues we're seeing lately.

Eric_Hauser almost 13 years ago

Any chance of open sourcing this? I'm not able to get it to work against w3wp.exe on my local machine (Windows 7).

Sam Saffron almost 13 years ago
Sam Saffron

I guess it makes sense, Ill see if I can push this to github in the next few weeks … its the exe here is .net 3.5 specific …I need to update it with the .net 4 version

Bryan_Livingston over 12 years ago

Hello Sam,

I disparately need this for a huge .net 4 site. How hard would it be to update for 4? Does it just need a recompile? Could you email me the source?

Thanks for the awesome tool. It's exactly what I need.


Roger over 12 years ago

When I run it with target type “C++” and Executable: D:\dev\screen-capture-recorder-program\configuration_setup_utility\vendor\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe , inline memory db,

it says “the system cannot find the file specified” is this expected?

Christian_Bjerre over 12 years ago

Cool tool :) Works more or less as described in the options.

Get this crash on my application when it loads the .NET framework into the Win32 exe:

Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Reading old stack frames at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.MdbgEngine.FrameCache.CheckUsability() at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.MdbgEngine.FrameCache.GetFrame(Int32 index) at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.MdbgEngine.FrameCache.d__1.MoveNext() at cpu_analyzer.ThreadSnapshot.GetThreadSnapshot(MDbgThread thread) at cpu_analyzer.Program.Main(String[] args)

Christian_Bjerre over 12 years ago

When the framework is loaded, then cpu-analyser works as expected.

Christian_Bjerre over 12 years ago

One small extension would be great – ability to stop the profiling in case you are done. Either by pressing CTRL+C or by dropping a file into file to communicate “I'm done”. Just a basic way to detach, stop and report earlier than when done by counts x interval.

Nate_Pearson over 12 years ago

Sorry for the basic question…but how do I attach this to IIS? I get an exe and I'm not familiar with how to attach it :(.

Sam Saffron over 12 years ago
Sam Saffron

you need to run a command prompt as admin figure out the pid for the w3wp you are interested in and attach to it

Mark over 12 years ago

I'm getting this error

“Unhandled Exception: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: The state of t he thread is invalid. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8013132D) at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.CorDebug.NativeApi.ICorDebugThread3.CreateStac kWalk(ICorDebugStackWalk& ppStackWalk) at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.CorDebug.CorThread.CreateStackWalk(CorStackWal kType type) at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.MdbgEngine.MDbgV3FrameFactory.<EnumerateFrames

d__0.MoveNext() at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.MdbgEngine.FrameCache.IterateNextFrame() at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.MdbgEngine.FrameCache.GetFrame(Int32 index) at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.MdbgEngine.MDbgThread.EnsureCurrentStackWalker () at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.MdbgEngine.MDbgThread.get_Frames() at cpu_analyzer.ThreadSnapshot.GetThreadSnapshot(MDbgThread thread) at cpu_analyzer.Program.Main(String[] args) "

Not sure if there is a workarround. Can we skip thread on error for example?

Sam Saffron over 12 years ago
Sam Saffron

this can happen if you take too many stack traces … back off … take one every 200 ms

Jignesh_R about 12 years ago

Thanks a lot- your tool was quite helpful.

Dan_N about 12 years ago

Hey – just tried your latest .net 4.0 version w/ a .net 4.0 version app – got this exception… any idea why? This is a .net 4 app… wonder if its cos of .net 4 framework hot fixes and such. Any chance you could upload source code so we can re-compile on our own if necessary? thx for considering.

C:\Temp>cpu-analyzer-net4.exe MyApp Error: failed to attach to process: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80131C30): The operation failed because debuggee and debugger are on incompat ible platforms. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131C30) at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.CorDebug.NativeApi.ICorDebug.DebugActiveProces s(UInt32 id, Int32 win32Attach, ICorDebugProcess& ppProcess) at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.CorDebug.CorDebugger.DebugActiveProcess(Int32 processId, Boolean win32Attach, CorRemoteTarget target) at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.MdbgEngine.MDbgProcess.Attach(Int32 processId, SafeWin32Handle attachContinuationEvent, CorRemoteTarget target) at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.MdbgEngine.MDbgEngine.Attach(Int32 processId, SafeWin32Handle attachContinuationEvent, String version) at cpu_analyzer.Program.Main(String[] args)

Np almost 12 years ago

trying to attach this to a w3wp.exe but getting a very generic “Error: failed to attach to process”. Any ideas? or is this just something it doesn't do? Thanks

Va over 11 years ago

any chance for more explicit errors? I'm getting the generic “error: failed to attach to process”

running cpu-analyzer.exe 5555(PID) /s 60 /i 1500

Any help would be appreciated.

Michael_Freidgeim over 11 years ago

I’ve tried to attach to production w3wp, that taking 100% CPU,but each time it crashed the app with the following error.

Unhandled Exception: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: An IL variable
is not available at the current native IP. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131304)
 at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.CorDebug.NativeApi.ICorDebugStackWalk.GetFrame
(ICorDebugFrame&amp; ppFrame)
at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.CorDebug.CorStackWalkEx.MoveNextWorker()
at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.CorDebug.CorStackWalkEx.MoveNext()
 at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.MdbgEngine.MDbgV3FrameFactory.&lt;EnumerateFrames</p>
at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.MdbgEngine.FrameCache.GetFrame(Int32 index)
at Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.MdbgEngine.FrameCache.d
at cpu_analyzer.ThreadSnapshot.GetThreadSnapshot(MDbgThread thread)
 at cpu_analyzer.Program.Main(String[] args)

Any ideas how to make it working?
If you open the source on github, community may improve it to make more robust.

Sam Saffron over 10 years ago
Sam Saffron

The code is now on GitHub I think @Marc_Gravell is maintaining it, but not certain GitHub - SamSaffron/cpu-analyzer

Per Vers over 10 years ago
Per Vers

Awesome tool, thanks!

Nicholas Wilson almost 10 years ago
Nicholas Wilson

Awesome tool! We just diagnosed and fixed a live production issue that was taking down one of our primary production servers. The dev environment for this particular solution is less than ideal, so being able to diagnose in production was a huge benefit.

Great work! Thanks!

Alex over 9 years ago

Awesome tool, thank you so much Sam. Please don’t ever leave .NET :slight_smile: where there’s a lack of good hackers like you sir.

Sam Saffron over 9 years ago
Sam Saffron

If you want commit access I don’t mind handing it over, I am probably not the best person to be maintaining this today. Don’t even have visual studio installed these days.

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