I have spent a fair bit of time refactoring the Media Browser code base, the idea has been to make the product a lot more extensible and maintainable. Lots of tests were added and lots of stability and performance fixes were applied.

The new code base is VERY different, so different I have been contemplating not calling the next version 2.0.12 and instead going with version 2.1 or 3.0.

The list of fixes is so long it probably will not fit in a single blog post. I will leave the list of fixes to the release notes. But I would like to note that overall, MB is now faster, more stable and easier to debug (both in production and dev)

But this post is not really about that, instead I would like to give some people a taste of the features to come:

New plugin architecture:


We now have a way for people to extend Media Browser without joining the Dev Team. The extendability allows you to extend our object model, add new entities, define new types of media and add items to the root menu.

DVR-MS support


I have two media centers, I tape stuff downstairs and watch stuff upstairs. To date DVR-MS support in MB has been a little woeful. No pretty metadata and horrendous filenames. The brand spanking new DVR-MS plugin solves this issue.

Multiple backdrops



This one has a real high WAF, we have nice transition effect that cycles between multiple backdrops. The backdrops can either be local or we can fetch them from themoviedb.



I love this feature. The configurator now allows you to add whatever podcasts you want to MB and we will go ahead and stream them for you.

Play All and Random


Select a folder, hit play and little window will pop up that will allow you to either play all the movies in the folder (recursively) or play the randomly. Really slick.

Whats new in this folder?


Usually when you sit down to use your HTPC you want to look through the newest videos in your collection. Well, in detail view we will display a list of all the newest children on the right hand side. But wait, theres more, this list is clickable.

Global indexing


If you click on an actor, or index by actor the index will look through the whole collection. Not only at the items in the folder directly below. This allows you to see what TV shows your favorite actors are in.

ITunes HD Trailers


I wrote this puppy today. Pretty ITunes HD trailers with full metadata. Take that front-row. ITunes trailers is a plug-in, getting the videos to stream requires a bit of Codec-Foo we will have to have a wiki page on this.

Share your settings

You can now place your actor images on a network share, you can place your watched/unwatched status on a network share and you can place your display preferences on a network share. You don’t need to install a fancy shmancy database. It just works. Getting it to work was no easy task.

There is more

There are some additional goodies I have not told you about. So hold tight, the next MB is shaping out to be a fantastic release. I’m using it at home on all my media centers.

When will it be released?

When its ready, there are still some bugs to crush and features to polish. Hold tight, I hope it won’t take too long. Keep in mind, I am going away in a week (for 3 weeks) so if we are not ready by the end of next week you are going to have to wait a month.


Mark1234 about 15 years ago


Looks fabulous.

Dak_Attack about 15 years ago

Oh my this is incredible, mediaBrowser to me was already a perfect app but with the new features it's going to be incredible.
The main reason why I prefer Media Browser to others is because its so simple to setup and use, its a out of box application that can be taylored to suit many people without spending hours trying to get things to work.

One feature i liked in OML was multiple backdrops and now mediaBrowser is having that….WOW!

Keep up the great work!

Diggity_Dawg about 15 years ago

Having spent the last couple years installing all manner of badly-behaving media center apps, just to get my htpc to do what you've accomplished here with media browser, I must say, BRAVO! I'm also a .net developer (although never did any MCML) and can TOTALLY appreciate the huge effort that has gone into media browser. I grabbed the source off google code and I'm really impressed that you're actually building this thing the RIGHT way! Huge kudos to you Sam – amazing effort, and it shows in this new version.


Dex about 15 years ago

This has to be my favourite app. I use it every day.

I read your past, present and future blog and saw this line “Maybe a video browser like application for music would also make sense.”

Yes, it would for me. Would I be able to do this via your new plugin architecture or do you still plan on getting round to the music side someday?

Diehard about 15 years ago

I download all my TV Series from TVRSS.net using uTorrent on my HP MediaSmart Server EX470. Then I have Media Browser to do it's thing. I'm using Windows 7 RC with Media Browser to watch.

Problem is, I have to open a RDC so that Media Browser starts to run to do it's thing and leave it open. There is a way to have it run as a service, but then when I want to change a few settings, I have to kill the service,

Is there an easier way ? Maybe a WHS addin you can write ?

Diehard about 15 years ago

Sorry, I should have said I use Meta Browser not Media Browser on my server. So you might not be able to help.

Niz_Z8 about 15 years ago

Sweet! Looking forward to the next release

Ian about 15 years ago

Is there a chance that DVR-MS support could include the ability to play a dvr-ms (or other format) version of a dvd rip from the same folder if called up from an extender?

I use full disc backups so I can get menus, extras, etc on the MC in the living room, and a dvr-ms of the main movie for extenders in the bedrooms. I prefer not to use transcode 360 because the MC is a bit underpowered. Vista is taxing enough. I know it takes extra space, but storage is cheap.

Brian_Az about 15 years ago

Eagerly anticipating the new features!! Will the DVR-MS support include pause/resume functionality? It seems to work so-so on my AVIs, but not at all on my DVR-MS… which is a bit weird I think since Recorded TV seems to do it ok.

Jim_White about 15 years ago

I hope your 3 week trip isn't to anyplace near Redmond, WA!!

Ybe about 15 years ago

WOW, I'm planning to make a HTPC and I was searching for some good software… Well I found it!!!! What a great app! I already installed MediaBrowser on my laptop to see how it works, and I have to say I'm realy impressed! Especially the option to use the metadata from moviemeter.nl….
I'm looking forward to your next release!
Greets from Holland :-P

User about 15 years ago

Wow, looks great!!!

Mstrng about 15 years ago

Wow, I really hope that the Play All and Random feature can actually allow users to browse to a folder with multiple short home video clips in there, and when hitting Play, users can view all video clips in there continuously. Can't wait for the new version. Thanks

User about 15 years ago

i say make a music browser aswell

User about 15 years ago

Ever since I discovered media browser I have used it nearly everyday, I really can't wait for the new release and it looks really good.

Jazzmoney about 15 years ago

This was posted 2 weeks ago. So we've got at least 2 more to go.

J_Larsen about 15 years ago

Wery nice!

Im really looking forward to this release. What a great bunch of features you are adding.
iTunes HD-trailers, Global indexing and Multiple backdrops = cooool!

Paule about 15 years ago

looks great guys!, will the trailer plugin support downloading of trailers as well as streaming?, also i would love to see a way of scheduling the downloading of trailers as my isp has download caps during normal office hours so would like to schedule it out of hours ideally.

Media_Pc_Tycoon about 15 years ago

Would you be interested in having your iTunes Trailer plugin extended to work with HD Movie Trailer Downloader?

Tp546 about 15 years ago

Wow this looks great, can't wait to see it in action, hopefully not too much longer!

Lothe about 15 years ago

Any news about the new release?

Sam about 15 years ago

We are alpha testing at the moment … hopefully next week

Si about 15 years ago



User about 15 years ago

amazing plugin… looking forward to the next version

Hb about 15 years ago

Hey Sam, Thanks for Media Browser! Looks amazing.
Is this new release almost ready??

Neurobash about 15 years ago

You my friend have created the single best media center plug-in out there – and for that I give my thanx! :)

Rsamuels about 15 years ago

This is amazing. Thank you. Switched to MediaBrowser from My Movies and won't switch back. I installed the Itunes Trailer plugin but can anyone tell me how to add a folder image to the trailer folder? It seems like a virtual folder so I can't see where to add a folder.jpg or .png

Hb about 15 years ago

Yea, Its awesome. Still having fun tweeking my home menu folder icon images, actors (which I might give up on because I'll never have an image for EVERY actor), and designing a custom backdrop.jpg for newer movies that I can't find a decent backdrop for (It will be some sort of movie/cinema/film/reel image with a small note saying “no backdrop image”). Quite customizable. THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU…….

Lothen almost 15 years ago

Hi Sam! Just two quick questions; Where can I get the option to play all when I'm watching a series? And how to I change the weather from London to Bergen in Norway?
Thanks for a great app. Just installed the latest update.

Sam Saffron almost 15 years ago
Sam Saffron

Probably best ask on the forums at “www.mediabrowser.tv”:http://www.mediabrowser.tv

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