The new release of Video Browser contains the following bug fixes:

  • Added support for mov and rmvb movie types
  • Dim the list box when moving to sort order
  • Fixed sort by date to choose the earliest date of any of the movies in the directory (for movies only)

Let me know if anything is broken.


Namdas about 16 years ago

Just tried this out and I like it an awful lot – thanks! Its fast and gets the job done quickly and cleanly – good stuff.

<p>I just had one suggestion – while Videobrowser handles movies and regular tv programs wonderfully I've always had a gap in my setup where documentaries I download never get watched as they don't show up in mytv, mymovies etc.</p>

<p>9 times out of 10 they come with an <span class='caps'>NFO</span> file with a plain text description of the program and the exact same filename – would it be possible to check if one exists when an <span class='caps'>XML</span> file doesn't, and just display the contents in that situation?</p>

<p>thanks again!</p>
Mark about 16 years ago

Sam, thanks for a great plugin!

<p>One question: I have modified <span class='caps'><span class='caps'>VMC</span></span> to use the background from Monochrome for Media Portal (you can see it here:<img src='5A166590DE10375' alt=''/>107/)</p>

<p>Is there a way I can change the background of your plugin to match mine (and the font, if possible?)</p>

<p>If so, can you tell me how?</p>

<p>Thanks again.</p>
User about 16 years ago

Oh, BTW, if you want to see the VMC theme I have cobbled together from a couple of sources, here it is:

Charlie_B about 16 years ago

Hey, thanks for the application, works great, however a large portion of my TV library is made up of shortcuts to files in another location, and whenever I click on one of these, the application crashes and MCE asks if I want to disable the video browser.

<p>Is this a known issue?</p>


Sam Saffron about 16 years ago
Sam Saffron


<p>Ill have that issue sorted in the next version</p>


<p>I am not that sure Ill be building support for skinning ..</p>



Kevin_Sleight about 16 years ago

I've been using your app for a week and think its fantastic. Can you give me some advice on the following?

<p>I've got my movies spread out over a number of drives. I've created a shortcut to each drive in My Video folder so that i can access them using your video browser in <span class='caps'>MCE</span>.</p>

<p>The problem i've got is that because im using multiple shortcuts when i sort on genre i only get info for the movies in the shortcut i am in and not my whole collection.</p>

<p>What i am after is being able to sort on genre for all the movies in my collection.</p>

<p>Any ideas?</p>



Sam Saffron about 16 years ago
Sam Saffron

Hi Kevin,

<p>Ill have a solution for this issue in my next release of Video Browser</p>



Bruce about 16 years ago

2 quick questions. 1. Video Browser doesn't seem to pick up DVRMS files, is that by design? 2. Is there no chance of a VMC blue background? thanks, Bruce.

Sam Saffron about 16 years ago
Sam Saffron


<p>I have a fix for the dvrms stuff will release it shortly or you can play with the <a href=''>beta</a></p>

<p>I am still undecided about the blue background.</p>



Leon about 16 years ago

Anyway to use the default background that VMC uses so that it looks even more seamless integrated?

<p><span class='caps'>BTW</span>, this plugin is great!</p>
Bob about 16 years ago

I agree with all who would like to see this with the default VMC background (or an option to select it.) Nice work!

Francis about 16 years ago

Love using this plugin for my videos and tv shows. Much nicer than the Vista MCE default which one have no control over the thumbnails and stuff.

<p>The tvdb scraper script is also very useful.  For some reason (I'm no script guru), the ruby script thinks “BattleStar Galactica (2003)” is “It's Only TV But I Like It” and “Law &amp; Order – Special Victims Unit” causes it to bomb out with a “REXML::ParseException”, can this be fixed if you have the time? :-)</p>

<p>Many thanks for this fine plugin.</p>

John about 16 years ago

Hi Sam, Love the plug in!!!

<p>One small issue, when I use mce in full screen mode the dvd covers disappear in the “tile” mode. When I change mce to a window mode the dvd covers return in the “tile” view. The list mode works fine in ether window or full screen. Other than that I love it. I like it better than mymovies it's much faster and so much easer to set up.</p>

<p>Thanks again</p>

John about 16 years ago

By the way I'm using version

<p>Thanks again</p>
Mark about 16 years ago

BTW, I really like the black background, as it matches closely the background I use in VMC. So I would hate to see it changed to blue. But if it is made transparent (so it shows whatever background is used by VMC,) then it would work for all.

Bruce about 16 years ago

Hi Sam, thanks for the dvrms support, but is Mark right? No extender support? Anyone else tried this? Maybe we need a donation page so that Sam can buy a DMA2100 for testing :)

Marco about 16 years ago

Hi Sam, great plugin…can't wait to have the trasparent background! :-P

Jake about 16 years ago

Hi Sam,

<p>The “view” option isnt available to me. I am trying to make it go to this view:</p>


<p>It is the first picture displaying all the movies. He says he clicked “view” option to have all the movies displayed at once, but for me the “view” option does not appear, so I cant get the view that he has.</p>

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