Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for all of the nice things you have said about video browser.

So, here I am posting another version, I’m working full time at the moment on a Rails app and I managed to sneak in a few hours this weekend to fix some bugs and add some features, the new version has the following new features / bug fixes

  • By Genere sorting - I’m actually really happy with the way this is implemented, it does a little more than just sort by genre, it give you context have a look at the “screenshots”:
  • By Runtime sorting - Well I was asked to implement this a while back, the concept is that sometimes you want to sneak in a movie before you go to sleep and it’s handy to know which one is shortest.
  • Added the runtime of a movie at the bottom of the overview
  • Fixed the “3.10 Yuma” bug, video browser used to display it with the name 3
  • I changed it so any folder named “metadata” will never show up in video browser, to help the linux folk

Hope you enjoy this, thanks again for the support


Salami about 16 years ago

this is awesome! have been looking for a mymovies replacement for some time now, even started an own experimental app to get back my IMDB imports. looks like i'll have to add mymovies.xml generation capabilities now :)

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